About Us

AskCred.com is India’s first AI based credit helpline which helps users to navigate the financial maze of debt, budgeting, credit cards, debt traps, credit scores and a lot more. What’s the best home loan in the market? How do I cut my debt? How do I decide which bank to choose for a credit card? How do I make and stick to a household budget? What’s the fastest way to get a personal loan? What do I do when I feel I am a victim identity theft? Can my low credit score be improved?
Trusted financial advisors are tough to find. This intelligent ‘bot’ has been built by a reputed team which combines more than 100 years of cumulative work experience across diverse sectors such as lending, wealth management, AI based analytics solutions.
The effort has been to provide users with a seamless, unbiased, low cost, trustworthy experience while helping them to get accurate and customised knowledge on diverse topics in the complex jargon filled world of personal financial services.