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How to Correct CIBIL Report

A Brief Introduction:

Till now we have gone through the introduction to CIBIL, the credit card reports, and the entire criteria and also we studied certain useful tips and techniques to improve and boost up the CIBIL score which further helps in getting personal loan approved. We also mentioned the ways for getting a personal loan for defaulters. There are certain techniques there which if you follow can help you achieve loan no matter if your name appears in the loan defaulter list.

Now that content was about defaulters. But what if you are not a defaulter and still your name appears in the defaulter list and your credit score also comes to be low enough. Well, then you must immediately get your CIBIL report correct. So here we will discuss how to correct CIBIL report. This guide is basically a complete solution to your credit or CIBIL report problems.

Errors of CIBIL Report:

Errors in CIBIL report need to be corrected:

Well, we all are human beings and we often do a mistake. The bankers are responsible for the updating of CIBIL reports every month. But there are chances of mistakes while doing certain data entries. The mistakes may include the wrong account and loan type, wrong status, wrong ownership type, wrong dates, error in sanctioned amount, error in current balance and overdue amount, error in assets and many such other errors. So it is essential that you keep a check on your CIBIL report and get it corrected if you find anything wrong in it to avoid any risk in future loans.

Errors Regarding your Basic and Personal information:

Now errors might occur while providing your basic personal information. The basic details’ errors may include errors in your name, address, your gender, your contact information, your passport/voter id, PIN code, etc. For instance, you may take an example of an error in the name. Say my name is Ayesha Khan and in my CIBIL report it is misspelled as Aisha Khan. Someone under the name Aisha Khan borrows a huge amount and runs away so the police suspect will be on me obviously. So you need to be careful about such things.

Something which doesn’t belong to you:

If anything which doesn’t belong to you appears on your CIBIL report then you must get it removed. Don’t take it serious as this may create an issue for you in future.

Now this was the information regarding errors which might occur in your CIBIL report. Here is the entire procedure to get your CIBIL report corrected if there is any error in it.

Now this was the information regarding errors which might occur in your CIBIL report. Here is the entire procedure to get your CIBIL report corrected if there is any error in it.

How to Correct Errors of CIBIL Report:

  • Firstly, you need to fill a CIBIL Online Dispute Resolution Form. Be sure that you provide with accurate information.
  • After the submission of the form, you will be given a dispute id which is also referred to as complaint id.
  • Next CIBIL forwards your error correction request to a certain lender and if the lender confirms that there are errors in the report then CIBIL update the report.
  • This process however takes at least 30 days for the resolution of the issue.
  • For more details and information, you may directly contact CIBIL. Below is the complete contact information of CIBIL.

Contact Numbers of CIBIL:
1800 – 224 – 245
022 6638 4600
022 817788

Email ID:

Furthermore, it is recommended that you get your CIBIL report checked on an annual basis.

Well, if there aren’t any kind of errors and your name is in loan defaulters list then you can go for our guide to low credit personal loans, personal loan for defaulters. It is important that you possess a good credit score for loans approval. So if you aren’t having good score then you may improve or enhance credit score by going through our guide to ways to improve credit score fast.

How to Delete Name from CIBIL Defaulter List:

Now the next step is when you are done with the correction of your CIBIL report then how will you get your name deleted from the CIBIL defaulter list? As you know everything has a process. In order to get your name deleted from the CIBIL defaulter list, you need to follow certain guidelines which are mentioned as above.

  1. The very first thing which you need to follow is to get your CIBIL report from credit rating agency.
  2. Now the very next step is to notice that why your name appears in the CIBIL defaulter list. There may be three main reasons for this.
  • The Misspelled information, which I previously discussed.
  • The things which appear on your report but doesn’t actually belong to you.
  • Your Loan defaults and negative credit history due to late payments, etc.

For the first reason, you need to contact CIBIL, submit a dispute resolution form and get your report corrected by them.

For the second case, you need to consult that certain Bank which reported such things to CBIIL. CIBIL asks that Bank again for the required information. If there is anything wrong it fixes it out and updates that on CIBIL report.

For the third case, what you can do is to consult that bank to which your loan default belongs. You can submit the settlement letter to CIBIL and then get the case settled. The default will then appear as settled default on your CIBIL report.